When the time comes for one to ‘re-nest’
There’s no need to check out the rest
You’ll know that you’re
Both pleased and secure
Segovia’s truly the best

You can leave household worries behind
The staff is so helpful and kind
You’ve plugged up your sink?
It’s fixed in a blink
In a manner both skilled and refined
The food is simply devine
From the moment you sit down to dine
You can sense the aroma
From here to Tacoma
The diet cokes taste just like wine

There is always somethng to do
The movies or good book review
You can go to the gym
Arrange flowers or swim
Lots of interests are here to pursue

We would certainly both recommend
This lifestyle to you or a friend
It’s warm and it’s gracious
It’s bright and it’s spacious
It’s where comfort and happiness blend