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What our Residents are Saying…

I tell my friends that I consider Segovia my private Camelot. I moved to Segovia in May 2016. I am a new widow and Segovia has helped me adjust to this new life style. I am very blessed to have the beautiful apartment located on a 9 hole putting green.

I sit on my patio every morning drinking coffee reading my paper and just being grateful that I am part of this amazing Segovia family.

Jean M., Resident

Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Segovia…

We have been residents of Segovia in Palm Desert for six years and have the life style here that we had hoped for.

The physical facility is beautiful and very comfortable, but so much more. Our staff is outstanding – we are treated with great respect and warmth. I do not use the term “love” loosely, but ‘TLC”‘ on their part is ever present resulting in the love we feel for them.

Our programs include activities for those looking to maintain good health and fitness, entertainment, excursions to places of interest, off site dining, etc.

It is your choice as to how involved you choose to be. My husband has served on the Residents Council and I am now on the Council as chair of the Food Committee. I meet with our excellent Chef regularly and have learned good food is the secret path to happy residents.

We have a Welcome Committee that is here to acquaint you and make you feel at home in your new environment. It is a new life style and it is your choice to create the life style you are looking forward to.

Esther S., Residents
My residency at Segovia started in 2012. What an experience! A lot of PLANNING went into this decision; a lot of WORK went into the decision; and a lot of EMOTIONAL STRESS went into his decision. Retirement was highly anticipated.

The Segovia staff were on hand to welcome my arrival and be of help for any need a hand. Meal times were shared with residents or I could still eat in my apartment or go out. It doesn’t seem possible that so much could go on in a close community environment as this. As my needs changed, sickness entered into part of my life style. Segovia’s staff also helped meet those needs, to talk about the options during an emergency situation (whether it is physical, spiritual or emotional). Many programs are available to help us grow older with grace. It’s not what we have that counts but what we are. My move to Segovia has been a great experience. There has been fun, friends, wonderful food, along with a few tears, a lot of laughter, movies, golf and music, music, music.

Carole J., Residents
When the time comes for one to ‘re-nest’
There’s no need to check out the rest
You’ll know that you’re
Both pleased and secure
Segovia’s truly the best

You can leave household worries behind
The staff is so helpful and kind
You’ve plugged up your sink?
It’s fixed in a blink
In a manner both skilled and refined
The food is simply divine
From the moment you sit down to dine
You can sense the aroma
From here to Tacoma
The diet cokes taste just like wine

There is always somethng to do
The movies or good book review
You can go to the gym
Arrange flowers or swim
Lots of interests are here to pursue

We would certainly both recommend
This lifestyle to you or a friend
It’s warm and it’s gracious
It’s bright and it’s spacious
It’s where comfort and happiness blend

Esther S., Resident
Betty and I have been at Segovia over five years and are still happy that we made the move. After looking around we found Segovia. It is a beautiful facility and a place we are proud to call home. The building is always in top shape. The grounds are well kept with flowers year around. We enjoy the ten plus exercise classes, water aerobics, line dancing and blackjack. There was a class on Ballroom dancing to get us ready for New Years.

Each month there is a flower arranging class. There are many card games like bridge, canasta, Mah Jongg, chess and still others. Special entertainment from outside in the Great Hall is always exciting. The theatre has a different movie each day. Lunch and dinner are a high light of the day. The meals are presented like a high class restraint with two specials and a full menu of four or five salads and five or six other entrees. The desserts are great. You have to watch yourself to keep a good balance so not to gain weight. Breakfast is a gathering of Residents that want to know the latest news, while we enjoy having breakfast in our apartment and reading the paper. I play golf year around once a week at Desert Willows and get a Resident rate.
We moved here from Orange County without any friends in the desert.

I remember the phase “If you had friend where you came from, you will have friends where you are going. And we certainly have a lot of friends at Segovia and our church. You can tell you can be as busy as you want. We expect this to be our final move.

Betty and Don B., Residents
Not ready for Segovia?

Only if you don’t want to be pampered by 80+ staffers who handle one’s every need. These wonderful staffers become friends, tending to short term medical needs, housekeeping/maintenance services, a plethora of activities, dining services and more.

At Segovia. one can reside comfortably and independently in studios, one bedroom, two bedroom with two bath and two bedroom, two bath plus den apartments, in a size to fit everyone’s senior needs. There is a full schedule of daily activities( enrichment classes, exercises, games), cultural venues, and social events to fit every resident’s needs. Of course, you also have the option of just eating and sleeping if that is your choice.

Are you still not ready for Segovia?

Having lived at Segovia for 5 1/2 years, I find that I can be as active as I want to be both at Segovia and within the surrounding community. I have been spoiled in so many ways and feel so privileged to be living at Segovia amongst so many newer friends.

Carolyn W., Resident