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At Segovia it is easy to become a little spoiled when it comes to fine dining. Our executive chef and team of culinary professionals make every meal an experience. Not only has our culinary team been hand selected from some of the finest culinary schools and fine dining facilities, but they have also undergone the extensive training Oakmont Senior Living has become known for.

It is this training that takes professionals who specialize in quality of service and ensures that they can accommodate any special needs that may come up due to dietary restrictions or health concerns. Since our fine dining must be experienced firsthand we would like to invite you to have a meal with us, on us.

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Meet Executive Chef Juan Batista.

Chef Juan Batista boasts a unique cooking style resulting from twenty-five years of culinary experience. In his early twenties, he attended College of the Desert and later enrolled in a second culinary program at The Educational Institute of America. He was selected out of his class of 30 chefs for an apprentice program in Boston and graduated from The Education Institute of America with honors.

His father and other mentors expanded his culinary vision and opened doors to his creativity as a chef. They taught him that recipes are only guidelines, which opened up a plethora of possibilities that drive his creativity in meal design and preparation today. In addition to taste, Juan focuses on presentation, color, placement and eye appeal.

Although Juan was presented with many opportunities to advance his culinary career, he ultimately chose Oakmont of Segovia because he values Oakmont’s commitment to cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are both healthy and enjoyable for our residents and guests. We would like to invite you to share a meal with us here at our world-class retirement community in Palm Desert, so that you can experience firsthand how Chef Juan and his team make every meal a gourmet experience for our residents and guests.

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Retirement Community Gourmet Dining
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